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Site Speed - The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Solution

In 2010, Google declared that page speed would affect your site’s ranking. In fact, this refers to the time that a visitor must wait until your page is fully loaded. The average page load takes 7 seconds for an e-commerce website, and the ideal load time is about 3 seconds or less.

In fact the speed of the browser has an impact on your viewers’ user experience. Bad UX can lead to loss of revenue if your goal takes too long to wait for what they are looking for. They will close your site. And, above all, slow page loading is penalized by search engines and affects your ranking on both mobile and desktop devices. Google says:

“A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.”

In fact, Google compares your site with your competitors in a specific section and receives a bonus point regarding whether you are the fastest. But be careful, this sign is not placed solitarily: it takes into account the country, device or network.

There are some factors you need to focus on to improve your page speed.

Things to Keep In Mind

What can lower your page speed?

  • Your host: Always choose a trusted and reliable host for your websites. Don’t go for cheap offers these will affect your page adversely. Pick the suitable host that fulfill your web needs.
  • External embedded media: Always try to host the videos on your own server external embedded media can largely lower you load time. To gain some load time, host the videos on your own server
  • Un-optimized browser, plugins and app: Start testing your website on the various browsers, you will notice that not all browser load you web with the same speed. Moreover, apps like Flash can adversely lower your page speed.
  • Double-barreled code: if your HTML/CSS is not efficient or too heavy, it will lower your page speed.
  • Too large images: Prefer PNG for images that do not require high details like logos and JPEG for photos. Images having large size takes time to load can really lower your page speed. It is often due to extra data included in the comments or to a lack of compression.
  • Too many ads: Having lots of ads have the drawback to slow down your page speed. Moreover it will bother your viewers.
  • Your theme: some highly designed themes containing a lot of effects can penalized your load page.
  • Widgets: Additional perks have an impact on your website speed. Some social buttons or comment areas can have an impact of your page speed.

What tools can I use to improve my load time?

There are some tools you can use to improve your page speed.

  • Page speed Insight
    This shows a page speed score between 0 and 100 and gives you all the keys and advices to improve your page load
  • Webpage test
    This Google tool provides you a free speed test providing charts about page speed optimization.
  • YSlow
    This plugin shows you how your website is performing and gives you insights to improve your site speed.
  • YUI Compressor
    This tool will assist you compress your code by minimizing JavaScript and CSS.
  • OnCrawl
    Our tool offers a clear insight of your page speed performance and help you know which pages you should optimize in a glance.

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