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Get More Leads. Make Marketing Easier. Syndiket is an Internet Marketing SEO agency that specializes in getting clients to the first page for a Google search. Looking for an SEO company worth the investment? Contact us.

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What is SEO & how Does it Work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to optimize a website so that it's favored in the search engines for specific search queries. Put simply, we find highly searched keywords that are related to the website we're trying to rank, and then optimize a number of factors in order to boost that website's visibility on the search engines for those keywords.

If done correctly, this can lead to massive increases in website visits, and more importantly, massive increases in sales. Google and other search engines use algorithms to decide what websites should be shown for a given search query. Our job as SEO's is to reverse engineer these algorithms and attempt to understand why they made the decisions that they did.

With over 800 known SEO factors, becoming an SEO guru takes serious time and dedication. Fortunately, we've put in that time and dedication so you don't have to. Read more below or contact us today to get started!

Why Choose Us

3 Reasons To Invest in SEO With Syndiket.

We could give you a number of reasons why we think we’re the best of the best, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in SEO with Syndiket.

Lead Generation
Revenue Generation
Consistent Traffic Growth

01. Lead Generation

Syndiket has generated over 1,200,000 leads for clients. Pretty impressive, right? Consider this - when a business has a 10% conversion rate, a $10,000 investment on a page, and that page brings in 100 leads a month, and each sale amounts to $1,500-$5,000, that winds up being a massive ROI. Let's say you are an orthodontics company. Orthodontics services are easily reaching $5,000, not to mention the LTV of the client, or the word of mouth marketing benefits that emerge every time you get a new client.

02. Revenue Generation

We've helped our clients generate a total $15,000,000 in revenue from SEO efforts. That's a lot of money. When compared to the investment that each client provided, the ROI is massive.

03. Traffic Growth

The average traffic growth our clients experience is around 31%. Some clients increase 400x while others only see small bumps (especially true of bigger clients that just need to target one specific vertical based on keyword research).

Convince Me

Are SEO Services worth it?

SEO services are only worth it if the niche research shows that it’s worth it. Syndiket will always do the niche research and provide a full report on all the money that exists in the niche, along with a report on what your competitors are likely making, plus a projection of what you could be making.

We charge $500 for this report and regardless of whether you choose Syndiket, you won’t find a better report that exists in the marketplace.

Search engine optimization should only be placed in the hands of an SEO agency when you’ve determined the value of search engine marketing efforts for your website.

The Brass Tax

How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost?

SEO services have a variety of costs that depend on the niche, the type of SEO services provided, and the scope of work.

If you want to rank on the first page for everything in a quick amount of time, that’s more expensive than a slow methodical approach.

In general, you can expect the following dollar range for SEO services:



Break it Down

What Are The Different Types Of SEO?

At Syndiket, we believe four types of SEO exist – and we have an acronym to represent those 4 types of SEO. The acronym is T.R.A.P. 

“T” stands for Technical, “R” stands for Relevancy, “A” stands for Authority, and “P” stands for popularity. Search engine optimization has many smaller divisions within the 4 types, but all of them can be placed into one of these 4 buckets.

Generally, technical SEO for local businesses carry the least importance for ranking. Technical SEO has a bare minimum that is required and this usually includes things like site speed, indexation issues, crawlability, and schema. Once the core technical parts are done, minimal upkeep is required.

Relevancy is one of trivium elements of SEO. It has equal importance with popularity signals and authority signals. Relevancy signals are based on algorithmic learning principles. Bots crawl the internet every time a searcher has a search. Each search is given a relevancy score and the URLs that pop up for a query. The higher the relevancy score you attain, the greater your aggregated rating becomes in Google’s eyes. Digital marketing is a strange thing in 2020, and ranking a website requires the website to be relevant on many fronts.

Google’s Co-creator, Larry Page, had a unique idea in 1998 which has led to the modern-day Google Empire. “Page Rank”, named after Larry Page himself, was the algorithm that established Google as a search engine giant. The algorithm ranked websites by authority. 

Every page of a website has authority and the sum of all pages has another authority metric. The authority metric is largely determined by how many people link to them (backlinks). The aggregate score of all pages pointing to a domain creates the domain score, which is what Syndiket calls “Domain Rating”, per Ahrefs metrics. The more a site is referenced, the more authority it has. But, the real improvement to the algorithm came when Google began to classify authority weight. 

If Tony Hawk endorsed Syndiket for skateboarding, it would carry a lot more authority than 5 random high school kids endorsing Syndiket. This differentiation in authority happened in 2012 with the Penguin update. Authority SEO is complicated but VERY important.

Popularity signals are especially strong for GMB or local SEO, but popularity and engagement are used for all rankings. The goal of this signal is for Google to verify its own algorithm. You can check off all the boxes, but if your content is something real people hate, Google has ways to measure that. Syndiket has proprietary methods of controlling CTR (click-through rate) but we also infuse CRO methods into our work to make sure people actually like the content. Social shares and likes are also included in this bucket.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

While we fully believe that clients should be able to come and go as they please if a particular service isn’t working for them, SEO is often a long-term play. It can take months before seeing the impact of a well crafted SEO campaign, and for that reason we do ask clients to commit to at least 4 months of service.

Sydinket’s name represents the core of our SEO strategy. After going through our SEO analysis, strategic planning, and custom CRM set-up, we begin the process of syndication, which we call, “entity SEO.”

Google understands content and businesses as a complex relationship of entities (you can read our post on entity SEO at Raven Tools or read Google Patents to learn more).

Your brand will be all over the internet. You’ll be in every form of content and your brand will be found with images, audio, in web 2.0s, in guest posts, in podcasts, in videos, and in blogs.  Google even has a tool you can use to see how well it understands your content (NLP demo).

You can totally do your own SEO. Its very time consuming and if you don’t have an entire team at your disposal, it may take you a year before you see any results. If you want to do your own SEO, feel free to hire Syndiket for consulting hours and we can lead you in the right direction. If you can’t afford our client minimum then we recommend this option.

SEO is based on 4 signals: TRAP (Technical, Relevance, Authority, Popularity). If the 4 core signals aren’t being met, then Google chooses other websites to rank. Google chooses the most authoritative, relevant, and popular sources for its search results.

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