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Get in front of the right audience & increase sales with Pay Per Click Ads. We research, structure, write, & manage the campaign to ensure the highest possible ROI while maintaining the lowest CPC.

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Radon 1 © is a radon mitigation and testing company with locations all across Tennessee. Syndiket is responsible for creating and managing Radon 1's digital ads statewide. Their PPC campaign currently averages a 4.3x ROAS on a yearly basis.

Strengths at a glance

PPC Strong Points

Our team has over 25 years of combined PPC experience. Throughout those 25 years we’ve had the privilege to work with numerous clients across almost every PPC platform out there. We like to think we’ve mastered them all, but we’ll leave that for you decide.

Google Ads
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Hyper-Focused PPC Advertising

Why Our PPC Succeeds

All Syndiket PPC campaigns start with a conversation. Who is your target audience and what can you offer them? Once we know who to target and what to offer, we craft custom campaigns that are highly optimized to convert.

Our PPC campaigns succeed because we continually strive to understand what makes your audience tick. Every PPC campaign is monitored and adjusted on daily basis to ensure the best possible return on ad spend.

We monitor click through rates, ad relevancy scores, quality scores, engagement rates, creative effectiveness, and a plethora of other data points that allow us to provide the absolute best PPC results.

If you’re looking for serious ROI and a team that truly cares about the success of your campaign, contact us! 

We’ve boast a 98% client retention rate for a reason 🙂

Convince Me

Why PPC Ads

Alright, so you’ve heard all about how great we are at PPC, and you’ve seen our fancy statistics, but why PPC over other forms of marketing?

Immediate Results

PPC ads are a fantastic way to kickstart any search engine marketing strategy, especially if you’re needing immediate results. 

Unlike SEO, which can take months to begin seeing real progress, PPC ads can generate conversions the minute your campaign is live.

Convertible Leads

PPC platforms allow you to choose the keywords and interests that trigger your ads. This ensures that the audience you’re advertising to is highly qualified and convertible.

Most PPC platforms even allow you to target specific geographic areas, age ranges, income levels, peak sale periods, and more.

Measured & Tracked

PPC ad campaigns provide analytical insight down to the smallest details. You can track users from consideration to conversion and every step in between.

This data is invaluable when informing other areas of your marketing efforts. 

Set Your Budget

Arguably one of the most enticing benefits to PPC advertising is that you get to choose your budget. 

While other marketing channels often require a set sum in order to play, PPC ads allow you to decide your daily budget and only pay when your ads are clicked.

Sounds pretty nice, eh?

PPC + SEO = Love

While SEO is a very powerful tool, it takes time to build an organic presence. PPC can provide results in the interim & help you cover the search engines once your SEO is off to the races.

Having the right data is also crucial to any successful SEO effort. PPC ads give you trove of data to pull from.

Stats Don't Lie

  • 46% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions

  • 70% of mobile users call businesses via Google Ads.

  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

  • On average, PPC ads have a 150% return on ad spend.

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Still Have Questions? Great!

Frequently Asked PPC Questions

Our fee for managing a PPC campaign is on a sliding scale, but is typically 20% of the desired ad spend. The sliding scale pricing ensures that clients with very large budgets are not charged an unfair rate.

Due to the high demand for our services, we only manage PPC budgets above $1,000/mo.

The unfortunate truth about PPC advertising is that getting it right means a serious return on investment. Getting it wrong means you’ve potentially wasted thousands of dollars.

It takes a true marketing professional to build a data-driven campaign that provides top-tier ROAS. At Syndiket, we pride ourselves on the ability to craft powerful PPC campaigns with great results. From client to client our average return on ad spend is 3.2x

Absolutely! Based on preliminary niche research, our team will recommend certain platforms that might be a good fit for your business, but at the end of the day it’s entirely your choice. 

Nope! We recommend that our clients run a campaign for at least 2 months to allow for a campaign to become fully optimized, but if at any point you wish to pause or cancel ad spend, that’s cool with us.

Genetics is a topic that no single person fully understands, ourselves included, but you’re question is totally valid – those are some good looking guys.

*our founders totally didn’t write this…..

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Syndiket is a Nashville based digital marketing agency with a strong emphasis on SEO, PPC, & Web Design. Your potential clients are searching for you. Be there with Syndiket.



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