What Is Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tags: The Meta Description Tag is simply a name for the title of your page. Meta Description Tags consist of only the title and no other information. It’s recommended that you use Meta Description Tags because they are more descriptive than having just a title. The Keywords You need to have Meta Title Tags, Meta Description Tags, and Meta Keywords Tags. This is a technical point, but if you’re using the HTML tags and not the CSS tags, then this is the last tag you will ever need to include. If you do use the HTML tags, then you don’t have to worry about it.

When you have all of these tags for your title tag, the Meta Title Tag and Meta Description Tag, you can create your own unique Meta Keywords Tag. What you do is create a new HTML tag and add all of the different keywords together. The First Word From this tag will be the base for the remainder of the tag. Then, you add the Meta Keywords Tag, which consists of the list of keywords. The key is the First Word, which is your Keyword. Next, write the Meta Keywords List, which consists of the keywords. This will be in a list and it may look like this:

If you’re using HTML and the title tag doesn’t matter, then you can copy and paste the one above and leave it there. If you’re using HTML and you want to change the Meta Description Tag, simply replace the First Word in the first HTML tag with your keyword.

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