What Is Manual Action

One of the key components in PBN search engine optimization strategy is What is Manual Action? The Importance of What is Manual Action This is the core component that is most critical for a PBN or PPC campaign. It is the link building component that provides you with valuable back links to your site from other authoritative sites that are highly relevant to your niche. The best part is that PBN strategies are just as effective and can be performed without having to do much of the link building work yourself.

Let us take the example of Google’s Search Console which allows you to see which sites have been linked to your site from other sites in the past. These are called link “capture sites” and will allow you to see which sites have linked to your site and from which URL you can learn what was the most relevant to your site at the time. The link from a link capture page to a blog or website is called a “forward link” and is considered to be “free”. The reason that Google frowns on these is they consider this to be a “walled link” and as such it will not help your SEO efforts. Free forward links are also typically used for link exchanges but, again, these can be seen as a “walled link”

as well.

It is these captured “capture sites” that You need to find out and use in Your PBN or PPC marketing efforts. So the Importance of What is Manual Action In addition to automated linking from your site, You also need to look for sites that are not automated but are still relevant to your site. This is where manual linking comes in and should be one of the first things that you look for.

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