What Is Local Search

What is Local Search? Google has been at the forefront of what SEO is and how it can be used in their own sites. Google has placed special websites in strategic locations for you to use in your Google Search engine optimization strategy. The server of Google will take you to those servers. This is called organic search results. Google is the king of Google, but they are not the only one that use organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

So if Google has special websites that you can use in your organic search engine optimization campaign, what is Local Search? The whole reason that Google has put this strategy in place is to let you know where the “real” content is on the internet. So the Google servers look at the content and in particular look at what the content is referring to. If you have a site about a certain topic and you write articles about the topic and the content only refers to other sites in general, then Google will not show up on the site.

Now this is just one keyword that they use, but if your site makes up more than one key phrase, then it will limit your exposure in Google. And if you don’t use these key phrases then your content will be penalized and your exposure in organic search will be greatly reduced. So if you want to be able to use what is local search then you need to make sure that you use different key phrases for each article you write. Otherwise you will get a very low ranking for the key phrase.

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