What Is Link Rot

So, what is link rot? It is a term given to websites that are missing or have been removed from the top 100 search engine result pages. The sites that are missing from these results often have a huge number of duplicate content issues. Both of these can lead to a decline in search engine rankings and a bad reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

When a webmaster creates an e-mail campaign for one of their businesses, they are often offered a backlink that will be used by the search engine spiders to rank the web site in the top positions of their search engine results page. If the links are found in these web results, they could be referred to as a backlink and added to the site for further web site ranking purposes. These backlinks are also referred to as inbound links. They are broken links, since they were not accepted by the search engine spiders to be crawled into the page and are considered bad.

However, not all link rot is the same. Some webmasters may be considering using search engine optimization techniques to get their sites to rise up in the rankings, and some may be doing this through purely organic traffic. No matter what form, it is important to make sure that the content on the site is high quality. When these high quality contents are scanned by the search engines, they may also be rejected if they contain any harmful content. There are several ways to monitor what is link rot. A few of them include checking for broken links, a process called link detection, and a method called inbound link building.

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