What Is Link Equity

Link Equity is the key to a successful online marketing campaign, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Linked content needs to be in context and respected. When people are searching for content on the internet, they do not want to be able to read the same information multiple times over. That is why we have spent the last four years creating lists of rich anchor text content. Rich anchor text is text that contains links and that provides context.

So, why is the content that is appearing on a web page any different from the backlink? It is because you want to maintain your internal linking structure as you build and design your website. What you want to do is create a foundation with which to build on top of and make sure that everything is aligned and in synchronicity. As much as possible, you want to maintain internal linking that is healthy. All search engines are different, but generally you want to keep backlinks between 30 and 60.

How many backlinks should you have? It is entirely up to you and the decisions you make here will impact your rankings and your site’s credibility. It is also important to note that you should not send out 301’s for every link. A 301 from a search engine page to another page would usually be counted as a backlink, but sending a 301 from a redirect page to another page is called a classified link. In addition, redirects are far less likely to go away.

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