What Is Link Condom

One of the frequently asked questions by those who are just starting their internet marketing career is “What is Link Condom?” I also find it extremely interesting and sometimes, frustrating that there is such a widespread confusion on this matter. SEO Glossary is a great website that is devoted to providing definitions, tips and tricks, language definitions and more for all your SEO needs. The most frequently asked question is “What is Link Condom? “.

Link Condom is a method of publishing content, content that is promoted by sites within directories or other indexed sites, in order to create backlinks. In short, linking to another site makes it appear as if a webmaster has linked to the original site. Some key points to keep in mind before launching your link promoting campaigns is to build a solid website, and when you have done so, the goal is to make it as easy for the search engines to index your website. When it comes to websites that are properly set up, they can become highly visible on the search engines. Of course, you want to do this while keeping your links natural, hence, the name Link Condom. When your website becomes visible to the search engines, your goal is to be very creative and show your customers a variety of different types of links. Once you’ve done that, it is time to link up with an affiliate marketing program that will help you expand your reach and increase your rankings in the search engines.

Just to give you an idea on how popular this question has become, as of this writing, the SEO Glossary page has received 642 Google+ shares which are the largest number for any SEO topic ever. Search engines like Google love these kinds of questions because they help them better understand what kind of content they need to provide to their users and which sites need more attention than others.

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