What Is Knowledge Graph

What is Knowledge Graph? It is the Google algorithm that helps them identify which websites are related to each other and thus to users in order to better serve their needs. We can draw a circle on the Internet map that contains all websites that have been visited, like a directory. With the help of the right colors and dimension to the circle, the more information you will be able to get about the websites that were visited.

Google knows what kind of website you are using at the moment. How? Because it has built knowledge graph with millions of websites. In order to crawl the Knowledge Graph and provide links to the users that are most likely to become consumers, Google uses a specific algorithm called Knowledge Graph Based Search Visibility (SKBV). This helps in providing better results for search queries. But with more websites being added in the map every day, you will not be able to see all of the sites that are relevant to your search.

If we combine search visibility with another popular technique known as the Venn diagram, we will be able to see which sites are related to each other. Venn Diagrams is very useful when you are trying to figure out how many sites are linked to each other. With the help of this concept, we will be able to construct a graph that represents the relationships between sites. If you were to create this graph with all the sites that are “related” to your site, it would look like a circle with the center being your site. We can now draw any circles that represent sites on this graph. With the help of graph visualization tool evidence, we will be able to find all of the sites that are related to your site and who are visited by other sites that may be related to yours.

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