What Is Keyword Prominence

If you are trying to get noticed by search engines then you need to know what is Keyword Prominence. This is a very basic internet marketing tool that will help you attract visitors with your website. The strategy is simple. You want to focus on a few keywords so that you can have a high click through rate for your website.

So what is keyword density? Simply put, keyword density means the number of times a specific keyword appears on your webpage. For example, if you had a website that sold furniture you would want to have three keywords in your webpage. The first would be “furniture”, the second would be “computers”, and the third would be “store hours”. Now let’s take this example and use it to answer the question, “What is Keyword Prominence?”

Let’s say we have the website above with three keywords in our text, but we also have some text that states “on sale”. Does this make sense? It does not. We want to make sure that we are optimizing all our text for just one keyword that will trigger a high click through rate for our website. The same logic applies when you are optimizing your webpage. You want to get your page ranked highly for a single keyword and then use the rest of your text for a general purpose keyword.

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