What Is Keyword Funnel

Digital marketing funnel is the system which is used to measure the amount of conversions you are getting from your SEO keyword research and your pay per click marketing campaigns. It is actually referred to as a conversion funnel because it collects all of the marketing data from one campaign and processes it through one funnel. It is also called a long tail keyword funnel because it concentrates on long tail keywords that are specific to your business. This conversion funnel can be accessed using Google’s AdWords keyword tool.

The conversion funnel can be used in the search engine optimization process to track the number of conversions. It is also a good way to see how the business is actually performing when it comes to their SEO and PPC campaigns. The conversion funnel is used to find the best traffic generation method for your business. It allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Using the conversion funnel, your business will see if it has a high conversion rate or not. You can use this report to help determine how much money you will make based on the amount of traffic you receive for each campaign. This conversion funnel report is useful for determining which keywords generate the most traffic and which ones bring you the least amount of visitors.

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