What Is Hyperlink

The term “hyperlink” is used by search engines to mean that there are links from one page to another. These links are placed in a hyperlink or sometimes, these links can be displayed as a text box. Screentip is the term used to describe this method of linking to other pages. If you are going to use MS Word or an Office Suite then you can use this method to link to your word documents.

There are many ways that you can get the links to your MS Word. One way is to use the document title as the hyperlink. The title of the document is always the same because the word processor recognizes that. There are also other ways to do this and they are more complicated. One way to get the links to your MS Word is to use the right click menu in the document and click on the hyperlink. You should not place the word in the title because the hyperlink will not work properly.

This works well for documents that have images and illustrations in them. When you have been using Screetip, you will know how to go about this process and you will be able to save lots of time. It is just one more tool that you can use in order to speed up your computer and this will help you do this. It is very important to keep your document in a Word processing program such as MS Word so that you can use this feature.

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