What Is Html Sitemap

A sitemap is an organized, functional, and permanent arrangement of web pages or documents on a website. The layout and content of the website can be determined by the end user and arranged according to any given criteria. As far as the site is concerned, it can be defined as the complete set of data about the website for the benefit of the site’s visitors. At present many business houses use SEO to create a better website ranking in search engines. However, not all these business sites use the SEO techniques and a number of webmasters prefer to use what is known as XML sitemap generator.

XML sitemap generator is a very helpful tool for a webmaster who wants to generate the XML sitemap using Divi or some other file format. With Divi, you have to generate the structured information about your website. Then, you need to upload this file in the main directory of your web host. If you are familiar with Divi, you will be aware that the process of uploading XML sitemap file is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below and get the desired XML sitemap file:

Firstly, you need to login to Divi and click on the “file” menu. Once you have clicked on this menu, you will see that a button with a red exclamation mark has been displayed. Click this button and then upload the Divi file into the divi folder. Now, click on the “Import” button and navigate to the folder where you have placed the Divi file. After clicking on the button, a dialog box will appear and you will need to enter the path to the Divi file. You will be asked to select the number of files to be imported in the selected folder.

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