What Is Grey Hat Seo

What is Grey Hat SEO? Well, a company in USA calls it Grey Hat SEO. It is short for the fact that it is not exactly a traditional SEO technique. The companies that are doing it have taken a different approach and applied the same in a unique way. By simply applying the same strategies and tactics as other companies they manage to accomplish better results for themselves. In this article we shall discuss what are some of the strategies that the grey hat SEOs employ for their businesses.

One way that they help the businesses is by optimizing their site so that they get high page rankings in the search engines. But this can only be achieved if they have optimized the site well enough. The companies in this category are those who only consider the major search engines. They apply different SEO techniques that take care of different kinds of website and thus their importance on the web. The strategies they use include the use of rel= “nofollow” tags, social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, blogs and forums that contribute more traffic to the site and other methods that have the same effects as social bookmarking.

Another way that these SEOs help the businesses is by deleting expired domains. This is done by them getting in touch with the owner of the domain and notifying them that the domain has expired. When they inform the owner about the domain having expired, he will re-register the domain for them. However the most important part is that they also take care of any spam submissions, cookie theft or other such techniques that are considered illegal by the search engines. These companies also look into changes that need to be made in the terms of use of the domain and thus they help the business as well.

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