What Is Google Possum

Did you know that Google has been developing a new ranking algorithm, called Possum algorithm? A lot of search engine optimization experts are saying that Google is trying to make a change that will benefit users. In other words, they want the search engines to favor websites that are optimized for local search. If this sounds familiar to you, then this article should provide you with more details on the matter. Although it seems as if this may not be good news for website owners, I am going to share with you why this is good news.

Let’s start with what the Google Possum algorithm is all about. Google explains that they have developed an algorithm that is based on user feedback and local search trends. Based on these data, they will rank the websites accordingly. When this ranking algorithm was first developed, many SEO experts didn’t agree with this change because they felt that Google was trying to find ways to shut down their sites. Now that I say this, I am actually glad that they did because it did benefit website owners. Let me explain:

First of all, the Possum algorithm will affect search engine optimization specialists in different ways. Local business owners will be able to see an increase in their local SEO rankings. They will also have higher listings on the search engines. This is definitely a good thing because it is one more way for them to get more sales. Aside from that, local businesses will be able to increase their profit margins. It is also great for online sellers who are looking to become more popular. Although the Possum algorithm will affect them differently, it should prove to be a good thing because it will help the local business owners out.

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