What Is Google Pirate

In the last article of this series, we talked about Google Panda and why it was important for Google to change its algorithms so that it is possible to have a better ranking. The biggest change in Google’s algorithms, which was introduced by Google Panda was the use of Better Metrics in Google Analytics. This feature used to track the number of clicks the user made on a specific webpage. With this feature in Google Analytics, one can easily identify which websites that are not doing well and can make adjustments in their SEO process. This feature is one of the most used tools in measuring a website’s performance.

Another change that Google implemented was a change in how it handled links in the indexing of web pages. Previously, links are only used when a user clicks on a web page. This makes sure that the page will be indexed properly in the search engine’s results. However, with this change, Google has now also developed algorithms that determine how many times a website’s URL will be linked to. This is also a way of determining the effectiveness of a site’s links.

Another major change in the algorithms is how frequently Google checks the new snippets. At first, the new snippets were included in the archive site. But now, the new snippets are not allowed to be included in the archive site. It seems that Google considers these to be fake or spam websites. So, to make sure that a site’s URL will be included in the results, it uses a page rank (PR) system. To put it simply, Google decides which pages from your website are the most important based on the Page Rank of these pages. If a page is listed as higher than your site, it gets more importance and prominence on the web pages.

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