What Is Google Panda

The Google Panda updates is probably one of the most popular updates in terms of SEO. It is not surprising when you consider that this is one of the very first updates to Google. Apart from that, it is probably one of the biggest updates. But how does it really work? How can you apply this SEO update and improve your website or your SEO score? Let’s find out!

The whole idea behind the Google Panda update is to take down websites that are unreliable, empty, low quality and too much about unrelated advertising. These are the kind of websites that will show lower rankings compared to those that are well established and have a good quality content. This sounds a bit funny but it is true. The idea of this search engine update is to make sure that websites that use poor quality content or spam will not be indexed. Hence, the main goal of this Google update is to bring about a change in the kind of website online and the kind of marketing strategy that websites employ.

Hence, it is important for your website to have good quality content. The SEO industry will require you to create a good product to increase your page ranking. On the other hand, you need to think more about the quality of your content than your cheap tricks. That is the reason why the Panda update has introduced some new algorithms and features that can take down websites that are full of useless and of related keywords. That is the reason why your SEO efforts will not be as effective if you do not take the full advantage of these new features. So, apply the right techniques and strategies to make your websites stand out among the others.

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