What Is Google Mobile-friendly Test

What is Google Mobile-Friendly Test? Google has different version of Google Play Store for Android and iPhone that support both Firefox and Safari. It is the best way to test if your website is fully compatible with the latest version of the app. When you use the Chrome app, there are some features that you can’t do in Safari. If your website is not compatible with the app then it is useless.

What is Responsive Design? There are lots of websites that are created as a free, open source, cross browser platform. The great thing about it is that they come with different versions of the HTML. If your website is not compatible with the latest browser version, then your website will not load at all. This is a big problem that you need to solve as soon as possible. Since the Android OS is not supported by any of the browsers, this is the biggest problem.

What is SEO? The most important aspect of SEO is to have a well-developed and complete website. All the contents must be optimized for search engines. Search Console has an option for the accessibility of the latest HTML codes. The webmaster can also customize the HTML codes on his own. One of the important tips that I can give you is to try to use CSS. This will help you gain a better position in search engine.

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