What Is Google Bowling

There are many companies that advertise their business as “What is Google Bowling”. It is a relatively simple concept. You pay the company to create a new website and have it indexed by Google. Once the site is indexed, you will be able to promote your business through a lot of links from other websites that already have high ranking on the search engines.

If you have no experience with this method of online marketing then it would be very risky to try this technique. Not only is it illegal in many places in the world, but the long term results that you could get could possibly be negative. That is why so many people are opting for the more ethical techniques that are really better for their businesses.

Local SEO is one of those techniques. If you look at the products that you are promoting, it is really important to find a site that specializes in local SEO. Local SEO refers to the different tools that you use to promote your business locally. Many people think that all they need to do is create a website and post the link everywhere. This is just simply not true.

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