What Is Dwell Time

The Dwell Time (DTL) is the average time between when a user clicks and hits the website. How long you allow your users to click on your website can make or break your campaign. Google places a huge emphasis on short sessions. A shorter time of the user on your website should be considered more valuable. The Dwell Time is really the ideal time for your click campaigns.

The Bounce Rate is the percentage of a page to visit that leaves your site within the first 100 milliseconds. Higher bounce rates are associated with increased time on your site. The Dwell Time is just like the Bounce Rate in that it tells you how long the user stayed on your site. However, the Dwell Time only measures the average time the user stayed on your site, not the length of time. It is critical that you optimize your session duration for your landing pages so you can achieve high rankings and higher conversions. Building higher converting landing pages will ultimately increase your ROI.

When trying to optimize your Google AdWords campaign, we suggest you integrate the Google Analytics code that is included with WordStream’s advanced tracking code. This will provide you with a complete assessment of your conversion optimization. It will also help you improve your website. By taking the time to integrate WordStream’s tracking software with your AdWords campaign, you will be well on your way to achieving highly profitable campaigns.

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