What Is Duplicate Content

I’m sure you’ve heard of some stories about Google’s algorithms. You may not be familiar with the term, but if you’ve been on the internet long enough, you probably have heard someone talk about ‘Google’s algorithms’ before. The latest story we are hearing from a search engine optimization (SEO) companies is that they are now trying to have Google change its software. It appears that Google is going to change how they pick and rank their sites so the companies will not be able to match the quality of results provided by Google.

This means that Google has added a ‘checker’ into the algorithm to ensure that they are not producing duplicate content. What this means is that if your website has duplicate content on it, and you write content from the same website, and then submit to Google for this content, the checker will look at the content and then check the date and see if it’s been done before. If it’s been done before and you’ve updated the content, it will be marked as duplicate. Now what is duplicated content?

You might ask, “What is duplicated content? Well the Google checker will look at the duplicate content, and the most common duplicate content would be the same page from the same website. It could be a content piece or a graphic or layout piece from the same website. Therefore this is what is duplicated content, and you need to solve this problem in order to avoid being penalized by Google.” The experts feel that this is not the best way to handle duplicate content, but that Google is not an expert SEO expert either. This is why Google has introduced the new tool that seems to have caused such concern from an SEO perspective.

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