What Is Doorway Page

It’s time to shed some light on the question What is Doorway Page? The answer to this question is of course, one of the most discussed and important SEO aspects. And it’s easy to understand why Google is so curious about the viability of penalizing websites for their user behavior. There are many SEO techniques out there that are either illegal or have questionable practicalities. This is especially true for the way in which social bookmarking and e-mail marketing have been used by website owners to build popularity.

However, there is no way to spammer-proof a site. Google and other search engines have made it a point to monitor all website activity so that they can identify the tactics used by spammers to artificially inflate a website’s rankings in their search results. What they really hate about this is that these tactics are completely useless. A few weeks ago, I came across an interesting article by Matt Cutts. This was about the actions which had resulted in Google banning AdSense ads from websites that were not otherwise going to be penalized. His article was titled, “How to build a profile so it doesn’t get banned”.

In fact, if you want to work for Google, all you need to do is work for you. The very reason why Google is so smart is because they have the ability to detect patterns and anomalies in how a webmaster conducts their business. You can easily build a profile for yourself, set it up for the world to see, and start dominating the search results for your niche. All you need to do is build a good one! Build a user behavior profile, which identifies what you do and don’t like about a website. Never forget to monitor the actions of other internet users and develop your personal search engine ratings! What is Doorway Page?

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