What Is Dofollow Link

Why would you want to use the Dofollow Link Hostile or What is Dofollow Link Hostile? If you are a search engine optimizer, you should know the value of having Dofollow links. Since so many engines use the Google Algorithm, it is necessary for you to know what exactly a Dofollow link is. A Dofollow link is simply when an anchor text links back to your main website. Let’s look at how Dofollow links are calculated in the search engines.

Search engines always look for referring domains that appear at the end of your anchor text. If you take a moment to think about it, it is only logical. That’s because your main site and its related pages should be the ones that are being indexed. A search engine user will generally take what he or she finds and move on. When an anchor text link appears at the end of your page, then you are telling the search engine that your site is worth a shot.

What is Dofollow or Do Follow Backlinks? The above process is actually what happens in the indexing phase when a search engine user types in a keyword or phrase. A search engine sees if the term or phrase matches one of your pages. If it does, then that page is a candidate for an update in the next page of results. What if the user types in another keyword and you have an already indexed page as your main page?

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