What Is Deep Linking

Understanding what is deep linking, and where it came from can help you understand the value of SEO and how it relates to internet marketing. We can start by defining what this term means. A link or lead from one web page to another is sometimes called a deep link. These links are often referred to as inter-web content, which is a form of web pages with interconnectivity and links to web pages with no interconnectivity. With this in mind, we can get a more detailed look at how this term came to be and why it’s so important to Google.

Search engines such as Google look at sites and websites differently than a regular web browser. Because Google crawls the Internet so quickly, they are usually looking for content on
a website. When a visitor comes to a website, they see what they are searching for and what that search results in. A page can have content, links to other pages, and content that leads back to other pages. The page should always contain relevant content that the reader will find helpful and beneficial to their visit. Search engines can then determine the site is trustworthy and worthy of their visitors trust.

This is how the definition of deep linking came to be and why it’s so important to Google. The search engine is looking for quality content on a page that points back to another page. Google doesn’t care if it’s on the first page of Google or the 20th page. They’re looking for quality, relevant content that is not only easy to read, but that they can view easily, without being slowed down by heavy downloading. Google has been testing the amount of links on a page, so that they can decide how much of an advantage having too many links can give a site. Because Google crawls the Internet so quickly, they may choose to rank a site based on their traffic. If a site gets a lot of traffic, they may decide that’s a better site than one that is getting very little traffic.

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