What Is Crawler

One of the most crucial parts of SEO is what is crawler. Crawling is a technique that means taking text from a website and looking for where the original text was located, but not necessarily a link. Crawling can be used for both informational purposes and link building. That is why it is so important to ensure that the site where the information is being found is also on the first page of the first search engines result pages. This is very difficult to do especially if the only information that the person who is looking for is trying to find information on.

You can find out about the quality of a crawler by checking the URL that the crawler uses. If the crawler uses a URL shortener, then this could easily mean that the crawler does not even exist. The site where the content came from would use a method called URL hopping. URL hopping basically means that when you type in a URL, it takes that same URL and changes the last letter in it. Therefore the crawler would take a URL like “sitemap.html” and change it to something like “.Scrobble”. If the crawler URL uses this method, then it would not be useful at all.

Another way to tell if the crawler is quality is the number of requests that it makes. This is a measure of how many times the crawler will use your site to index its content. If there are thousands of requests made, then the crawler might be a scam or a spammer. If the crawler makes less than five requests, then it probably is legitimate.

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