What Is Cost Per Click

Google has made the new AdWords. It seems that Google is finally willing to let them have their own products in the market. For the past couple of years, Google had their own tools, which were incredibly popular but for one reason or another it did not earn them the money they deserved. However, they have finally realized that it’s time to let Google have its own tool and called it “AdWords”. I don’t know how many people understand what a cost per click is. Basically it is the cost that you pay for every click on your ad. If a certain percentage of clicks on your ads is above a certain amount then you will get paid a certain amount.

So basically Google has done two things. First is that it allowed other people to use their tool and secondly they have put a lot of extra code in it to make it more interesting. I do not know if you’re familiar with PPC or if you are a little familiar with it, then I will give you a quick overview. Basically you’re getting targeted visitors to your website. You’re getting them to your website and if they buy something from you or they take some action (that makes sense) then they get their information and you can get paid a certain amount. So basically every click on your ads is equal. So as soon as you’ve paid for the clicks that get redirected to your site, they are now your link’s equals to a cost per click.

So how does this relate to PPC? Well, Google has taken a lot of PPC’s and has made them into their own products and it’s now becoming a billion dollar a year industry. Google has now brought all of these individuals into one place, which is costing them a lot of money. Every single person who has made money doing PPC has put together a massive marketing system that you can use and it’s not complicated. It’s actually the best system that you can use for your profit margin. Now I know that some of you are like “but I don’t want to use Google AdWords”. I’ll have you know that some of the most successful PPC campaigns are from people who do not want to use Google AdWords.

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