What Is Copied Content

When a business owner type in the keyword “copied content” into their search engine results, what are the results that pop up on the screen? Often times there is no answer to this question and the business owner ends up losing an entire company because of it. Google is looking for all types of websites and does not care who they are. They make it very easy for businesses to get high rankings in the search engines by using the right keywords.

Duplicate content is what most businesses fear the most when doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Because businesses don’t know what they are doing, they don’t understand that Google is constantly scanning all types of websites for duplicated content and not penalizing them for doing so. It is unfortunate but this is the truth. Although many websites have been penalized because of duplicate content, many more still are on the rise. Using this “white hat” method, this article will explain how one can avoid duplicate content on their website.

The reason why businesses use this method is that instead of creating and applying content that is new and different to their website, they simply change some of the existing content of their website. Without changing the content, Google will see the change as something new. Now when the search engine spider scans a website, it won’t find any new content but will only see the changes that were made to the content already present on the website. By creating and applying new and different content, this will not cause the spider to stop on your website. Instead, Google will now simply see the new content and not the old duplicate content that were on the website. Using this technique is necessary to gain higher rankings on Google.

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