What Is Conversion

While we might think that being able to follow a set of procedures and standards is enough for a SEO specialist to be considered an expert in his or her field, the truth is that the number one thing you need to succeed in online marketing is what is called in the industry as “what is conversion”. And when you consider that Conversion Rate (also known as the amount of time from the moment a potential customer clicks on your ad to the moment he or she makes a purchase) is a very good indication of whether or not you are truly targeting the right audience, you begin to see why some sales representatives spend a lot of time and effort in developing the correct conversion funnel. However, if you want to increase your own rate of conversions and have some success with SEO, you need to understand how to optimize your landing pages for increased conversions. This article will provide you with some great tips on doing this.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that your site’s landing page is one of the most important parts of your website and the reason why your conversion funnel is the number one thing to focus on when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. Your landing page needs to be engaging and attractive, and it needs to have a high quality of content. Content is definitely a key element in any successful conversion funnel, and you definitely want to include content on your landing page that gives your visitors something to read through. A lot of your visitors will end up leaving your site after they visit your site, so you want to make sure that the content of your landing page is enticing enough to keep them around.

The second thing you should consider when optimizing your landing pages is to use Meta Tags. I’m not talking about a tag that comes up automatically after you click the submit button on your web page but rather about tagging your site’s web page that appears at the top of each website’s result page. Instead of using HTML to embed Meta Tags that are relevant to your content, you should use a hyperlink on your site’s page that will direct the visitor to the corresponding page on your web site. Then, after the visitor leaves your site, you will be able to follow-up with a follow-up blog post or article that will further entice them to return to your site. Getting ranked first on Google’s search engine results page will give you a much higher bounce rate (how many of your potential customers are actually staying on your page) and will consequently cause more conversions.

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