What Is Clickbait

We tend to put too much emphasis on images, people, and headline when it comes to writing articles, so we often lose sight of the most important part – the headline. And we forget that the headline has to be about something, it has to convince the reader of its credibility. So we need to start using WordPress for our websites and create links for the page with the most traffic. Let us start by examining what is clickbait and the way we need to place a thumbnail at the bottom of the webpage to make the reader curious enough to read the article.

To begin with, let us discuss what we mean by a clickbait headline. A clickbait headline starts with an interesting idea but it does not follow the visitor through the article. The idea is that the visitor was ‘tricked’ into thinking the information in the article was interesting, even though it was all based on pure nonsense. This kind of headline is called hyperlinked by search engines and as they say, it is like putting a “tweet” in your headline. What happens if you get the readers to click on your link in the title? You’ll have no readers.

So now that we have a concept of what is clickbait, let us look at how we use the thumbnail description to create a profile on a profile page. A thumbnail is also known as a thumbnail preview and is nothing more than a thumbnail image that starts to scroll away. As the description box goes to sleep, the viewer gets to see what is happening inside. Then the rest of the article begins to reveal itself, with the information in the body. A thumbnail doesn’t always work, but when it does, it can make the readers feel like they have been taken away to a world of wonder. So now that we know what is clickbait, how do we avoid it?

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