What Is Cascading Style Sheets

There are two important types of presentation: text and PowerPoint. Presentation consists of two things – text and PowerPoint, and the presentation format depends on these two things. If the text presentation format is presented in a slideshow format, the presentation should be captioned; if the text presentation format is presented in a slide show format, the presentation should be captioned or outlined. PowerPoint format is well-known to have transparency, so the presentation can be narrated using the outline and also can be shown in a slide show, when the outline or caption is shown.

Text presentation format is presented by the text content. The content can be described in an outline form, or it can be described using captions. Text format is accompanied by a certain limitation. As we said above, the presentation must be in both text and PowerPoint format. If we want to create a presentation using the outline, the text presentation will not work. The only solution is to use the text presentation format. In this presentation format, we can describe in outlines the content of the presentation.

Template can be used for every template, according to the requirement. For instance, if we want to do some animation and we want the presentation to look like a slide show, we can go for the animation template. Then, we need to create a movie sheet for the animation. We can set the position of the window for the duration of the animation. The Animation sheet is then updated with the details of the animation, and we can use it for every animation.

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