What Is Broad Match Keyword

What is Broad Match Keyword? In broad match modifier you are allowed to key your ad and keyword list to specific keyword terms, or phrase matches. When you key your AdWords keyword and ad group to a specific phrase match, Google AdWords MatchMaker will be able to place your ads in the organic search results. The Google AdWords MatchMaker function will generate exact match keyword phrases matching your specific query. Google AdWords Keyword Manager service is a service provided by Google, which can be obtained for free as a part of Google AdWords account.

Not all keywords will fit your exact phrase match and may result in your ad not showing up in the search results. Google uses multiple criteria to make the decision about the most relevant matches. These criteria include the size of the word (number of characters), the position of the word within the word (punctuation and spacing), and other numeric comparisons. Google determines which terms are relevant to your specific keyword by comparing your specific keyword with many other similar terms.

It is important to note that exact keyword match keywords and phrases will generate more ads because Google uses much more technical calculations. Therefore, it is not as profitable as broad match keyword services. Keyword terms used for website content only will generate less ad revenue. When using exact phrase match modifier, the exact phrase match is a mathematical approximation of the exact phrase match that is not precise. Some people find that, using exact phrase match modifier, their ads show up less than they would have with broad match modifier. These people may use either modifier for a better return on investment.

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