What Is Bing

I think it is only fair to let people know what is Bing. That’s right, when you get your information from Google, Yahoo, MSN or some other search engine, or if you are looking for something specific on the web, don’t you think you can simply use a search term and see what Google has to offer you? Well, this is easy if you use the traditional search engines, but what if you want to translate a webpage into another language? Well, there is no way to do that with the traditional engines.

Google is always going to be a little bit better than the other engines, because Google is English, but even though you have English on your page, someone is always going to read it in the language they are most comfortable with. So when you need to translate your webpage into another language, you might as well just put it up on Bing. This is because, now that Bing has been established, it already has the advantage of having a lot of users, and those users might know what they are doing.

Now if you have a website that is written in English, you might as well just use the traditional search engines, because you really want the people who visit your website to understand it and translate it into their native language. If it were up to me, I would make it so that Bing could translate into any language they wanted, because I think this would benefit the website owners the most. But until Microsoft fixes their servers, there will be nothing that can be done about it. Now if they allow users to add a language, it would be a wonderful opportunity for all of us, and it is possible for Bing to offer this. Please consider all this.

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