What Is Banner Blindness

Some people have misconceptions about what is Banner Blindness. The image they have is that advertisements for advertising companies are only shown when people look at them. In actuality, some forms of advertisements for businesses are not shown to people when they go to certain websites or send a link to a website. In order to determine the actual amount of advertising that is sent to people, eye tracking is used by Internet marketers.

Eye tracking is used for two different types of computer programs that are used on personal computers. Banner blindness and popup advertising. Banner blindness is the type of ads that are shown on websites that do not have their own home page. These types of ads are usually displayed only if a certain code is on the page, which means that the person has to first click the link in order to see the ads.

For popup advertising, banners are placed inside of web pages and are the most commonly used form of advertising. Each time a user opens a web page, an ad will be displayed. This type of advertising is also called inbound advertising. An individual can opt-out of this type of advertising at anytime. These two methods are both used by Internet marketers to determine the amount of advertising that is sent to a person. Banner blindness is a type of advertising that is not advertised at all and is done by various businesses to encourage individuals to go to their websites.

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