What Is Bait And Switch

PPT stands for PowerPoint Presentation. PowerPoint presentations are designed to be read and viewed on computers, laptops, or even small tablet devices. You can include keywords as the sub-headings within the slide show that will appear on the Internet. This will help with search engine optimization but what about Bait And Switch? It is where the content of a page is different from the actual content found in the webpage. The difference is more than just an image or text that appears in the wrong place.

To understand what Google considers to be a bait and switch in search engine optimization, you need to consider the term “Inbound Marketing”. Inbound marketing is defined as the use of personal branding to generate traffic. The major focus of this type of marketing is in establishing trust by effectively convincing website visitors that you really have something to offer them and are serious about that offer. The visitors then trust the content being displayed on your website and eventually decide to leave a good first impression on you. If you show the visitor you truly have something worthwhile to offer and show that you are offering what they really want, they will probably be back for more.

Google is looking for the differences between PPT presentations. When they find it, you will not receive positive search engine rankings. You will receive negative search engine rankings because you are using words or phrases which are not unique and have not been specifically defined in the original content. The only way to avoid this, is to follow Google’s rules for these particular words and phrases and be sure to define them in the title and sub-headings of your PPT presentation. For example, “Google PPT Presentation” would clearly be spelled out so that it is plainly defined and anyone can see exactly what you are referring to.

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