Texas Local Roofing Company Helping Homeowners To Live Safely After Winter Storm

Texas recently experienced a devastating winter storm which left much of the state without power and water for a week, and with significant winter storm roof damage. If your roofing system was affected by the severe weather, you’re likely going to need the professional assistance of a Dallas roofing company to bring your home back to shape.

The expert roofing contractors at Platinum Contracting LLC have been working round the clock since the end of the turbulent episode to ensure that affected customers in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX can easily access timely, professional and affordable roofing services. The company offers a free inspection in order to assess the extent of damages done to your roof from the incident.

How Is Platinum Contracting LLC Helping Customers In Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas After The Crisis?

Storm Damage Assessment

The first step in any roof damage remediation is to assess the level of damage that was done to your roof. This will require the experts to check every nook and cranny of your roof to have a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the best way to help. Platinum Contracting LLC offers a free inspection and then provides an accurate assessment report to customers.

Roof Repairs

One of the immediate warning signs of roof damage following the winter storms is roof leaks. Roof leaks encourage mold growth – a development that can lead to many health hazards such as throat irritation, nasal stuffiness and wheezing for vulnerable staff or members of the family. To keep homes and businesses safe and intact, the team at Platinum Contracting LLC is dedicated to providing emergency roof repair services to homes and businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Roof Replacement

After inspecting and assessing your roof, the team of expert roofers at Platinum Contracting LLC will advise based on your options and provide a roof replacement service that’s tailored to your needs and budget.

Insurance Claim Assistance

If your roof was attacked by the storm, you may have the right to file a roof insurance claim, depending on what your homeowner’s insurance policy involves. For most new homeowners, going through the process of filing a roof claim can be overwhelming. If you’re qualified for an insurance claim, the team of experienced in-house adjusters at: Platinum Contracting LLC can make the process seamless for you, by guiding you through every step in the process of recovering your claims.

Did your roof sustain winter storm damage? Contact Platinum Contracting LLC at (855) 675-ROOF or visit their official website for help now.

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