SonderCare Provides Premium Hospital Beds For Home Health Care

For those considering at-home recovery, the right medical equipment and beds can increase the quality of living and ensure your loved ones are safe from accidental harm. SonderCare has been providing high quality, luxury hospital beds for several years and have designed products that provide the best quality of home care possible. SonderCare’s products are designed with safety, comfort, and greater independence in mind – offering more than a standard hospital bed would.

Each one of their three main products offers a range of functions and safety features. The Dawn™ is a residential bed that offers greater comfort, height adjustability, and back and knee elevation for optimal support and assistance in daily living.

The Aura™ is their next bed in the line-up. The Aura™ provides a higher standard of care, quality, and functionality to meet international medical standards while still offering greater comfort and support. This bed features their patented FallSafe technology, transitions into a comfort chair, offers tilt functionality (Trendelenburg), and also has central wheel casters and breaking. Their third product, the Aura™ Platinum, provides the same exceptional quality of care, but includes a more luxury appearance with upholstered headboards and side panels.

Each of SonderCare’s products are built with what they call the Evergreen Approach. This means that each bed is designed and manufactured to ensure:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Greater independence for the user
  • Increased safety for the elderly
  • Enhanced comfort and stability

SonderCare desires to put your mind at ease when recovering at home. Not only do their beds refrain from the sterile hospital appearance, but provide ample support to help alleviate pressure, backache, indigestion, snoring, and swelling while also improving your sleep and your safety. 

You may be thinking that the bed you or your loved one is currently using is suitable, however, SonderCare states that: 

The SonderCare bed was designed to provide maximum comfort and support—likely more than you are getting out of your current bed. This product is designed to help you maintain independence, get better quality sleeps and enhance your general quality of life with the functionality it provides.

While some health concerns may be inevitable as you begin to age, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and your quality of living. SonderCare provides furnishings that are designed to make the days easier and nights more restful as you get older. Having a well-designed living area should always enhance your lifestyle – at whatever activity level you have.

To learn more about SonderCare, consider visiting their website or give them a call today.

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