SoCal Truck Insurance Company Stresses Importance of Fleet Insurance

According to a recent blog post, and Aime Diaz, SoCal Truck Insurance has a listing of the necessary terms and requirements California trucking agency owners and operators need to follow in order to provide full coverage commercial insurance for their business. SoCal provides ample information on how the trucking insurance industry differs and what is needed if your business depends on vehicles for product transportation.

According to the source, California requires two different kinds of liability coverage for commercial trucking companies: primary auto liability and general liability. Primary auto liability is required in order to protect your operator and business if a third party is affected in the case of an accident. General liability covers any property damage or injury due to an accident. General liability also covers any property damage that may take place at a loading dock or truck stop. Both of these offerings are standard requirements for California commercial trucking insurance.

Businesses seeking to provide trucking insurance for their operators and business can find the necessary coverage with SoCal. Their offerings range from coverage for cargo transportation to refrigeration breakdown coverage. They desire to provide affordable, competitive insurance coverage for California trucking companies. In their post, they cover the best way to ensure that your company is offered the best opportunity to acquire insurance that best suits your needs.

One of the best ways to ensure the best coverage, according to SoCal, is to collect multiple insurance quotes annually. Comparing insurance offerings and prices can help you discover how to best provide insurance as your business grows and your location coverage expands. Staying on top of your insurance coverage alongside the potential changes your business undergoes is essential in the trucking industry. There may come a time when certain coverage isn’t needed or more coverage is necessary. Even if nothing changes, it is beneficial to refresh your awareness and knowledge of the insurance coverage your company provides.

SoCal provides more information and truck insurance information on their website

There are a lot of complicated variables when it comes to auto insurance to begin with. When dealing with high volume fleets and product transportation, ensuring that your business is covered for every possible occurrence can greatly assist your company in the chance of an accident or system failure.

Aime Diaz said, “SoCal Truck Insurance has been protecting people, their possessions and their businesses for 20 years. Since then we have insured hundreds of thousands with hundreds of plans, rates and specials. We have developed special relationships with contractors, body shops, hotels, car dealers, car rental companies and others to do exactly what you expect from an insurance company to resolve problems quickly and exceed your satisfaction.”

More information and details regarding insurance coverage can be found at SoCal Truck Insurance.

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