SEO Agency Reports Businesses Picking up & Getting Competitive

According to Ready Green’s blog post, and Richard Fong – Ready Green owner and SEO marketing specialist – the company provides strategic marketing and exposure techniques for promoting online businesses. Not only do they break down the difficulties of advertising in a restricted online environment, but also offer a comprehensive guide to how to successfully advertise your product despite Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit ad restrictions. 

Social media advertising can be tricky. Ready Green’s advice for pursuing advertising is to first understand and follow the laws and terms of services surrounding any business’ sales and advertising. The next step would then include social media advertising. Ready Green can help businesses develop ad campaign strategies with laser-focused targeting ads considering the terms of services that these social media platforms have. 

According to sources, Ready Green has noticed a spike in searches for local businesses in spite of closures of indoor businesses in States such as California, as businesses shift to different ways of doing business during this time of crisis. Understanding the rise in searches and the specific keywords associated with high volumes of traffic can help you generate consistent content that search engines will reward.

Richard Fong and his team assist their clients in understanding and creating the best approach for inbound and digital marketing through keyword research, publication advertising, and backlinking strategies. According to their site, prioritizing content and SEO strategies is primary to social media marketing. Although social media marketing can be a helpful backing agent for your brand, informative, relevant content, guest blogs, press releases, and business directory listings can be an essential asset to a successful marketing strategy. The goal is to raise your site and business to an authoritative stance within search engines. The company lists more information on

Ready Green understands some of these marketing strategies can be difficult. However, they’re here to help! Richard Fong of Ready Green said, “At Ready Green, your results-driven, strategic digital marketing partner of choice, we are dedicated and inspired to provide you the very best, most comprehensive web marketing service available today. We are totally committed to your success and strive to exceed your expectations and your business goals, because we want to help you succeed in every way possible, and because our reputation depends on it! Our mission is to help you acquire more customers, more sales and more profits, by maximizing your exposure online. We are committed to your success. We are dedicated to getting you results.”

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