Restore Your Core Publishes: “Diastasis Recti Exercises for Men”

According to Lauren Ohayon and Restore Your core, diastasis recti is not only a female issue. They believe that one of the biggest lies associated with diastasis recti is that it is only a postpartum issue. Yet, according to the source, diastasis recti can affect men as well. In their blog article: “Diastasis recti exercises for men,” RYC begins addressing male diastasis recti and how it can be fixed through strategic core exercises.

Restore Your Core begins the education piece by addressing testing for a diastasis recti. If a man believes he may have a rectus abdominis separation he may perform a self-test at home. In order to do this, RYC explains that while lying on your back in a sit-up or crunch formation, placing your hand on your belly, and slowly rising into position can help determine whether or not you have a gap. If, during your sit-up as your abdominal muscles contract, there is a slight or large gap your fingers can slip into, a diastasis recti is present.

RYC continues by addressing what diastasis recti is and how it is possible for men to develop it. In men, it is most commonly an issue of excess intra-abdominal pressure. This means that either in exercise or in daily activities, men are not being mindful or core health and strength and may be making harmful compromises in their workout routines. Excess pressure can be applied during core exercises or even in regular lifting. RYC believes that men can heal from a diastasis recti through intelligent exercises and by correcting any bad habits they may have developed during their exercise routines.

Restore Your Core continues their discussion by listing some helpful exercises for men with diastasis recti. These exercises involve mindfulness regarding the functionality of the whole body while also engaging the core properly. One of the exercises listed includes a quadruped tilt. RYC explains this exercise by stating:

“While on your hands and knees, inhale while slowly contracting your abs as you draw in and begin flattening your back. Hole the pose for a few seconds before you exhale. During the exhale, allow your back to come to a resting position and your core to relax as your belly extends with the exhale. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times a set during your daily workout routine.”

To learn more about male diastasis recti and how men can fix their injured core, visit RYC’s website at:

As with any injury, RYC warns against certain exercises and practices while recovering from a diastasis recti. They warn against anything that bulges, increases pressure in your abdomen, or causes you to make harmful compensations during your recovery.

Unfortunately, RYC also states that at times exercise is not enough to heal a diastasis recti. The healing period is most likely going to differ from person to person, but at times healing may appear to never come – at least, not naturally. During times such as this, surgery may be the best option for healing a diastasis recti. 

Understanding that being “good” at exercise does not necessarily mean a healthy body. An injury like a diastasis recti means that the core has lost its proper support system and needs time to heal. The one thing that RYC and their team want to help their clients focus on is how to exercise properly and engage the core well.

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