Restore Your Core Considers: “Is Diastasis Recti Preventable?”

There are so many forums and articles out there concerning diastasis recti and whether or not it is a “fixable” or “preventable” injury. Depending on who you ask, the answers vary which can be quite overwhelming at times. In short, diastasis recti is usually not a permanent condition, but the healing process can be complicated and vary depending on the person and the severity of the condition.

rectus abdominis separation

Preventing a diastasis recti is approached quite similarly to that of healing a diastasis recti. However, prevention is not a guarantee. The most important step, whether or not it is in the prevention or in healing, is a strategic and intelligent core exercise. You want to have a strong core without injury.

Exercises and Good Practices

Diastasis recti is most commonly associated with pregnancy. The reason being that in 70%-100% of pregnant and postpartum women end up developing a diastasis recti. During pregnancy and postpartum it is important to consider and enroll in some form of prehab and rehab that helps you develop a stronger core as your body goes through such a major transition.

A few things to keep in mind during and after your pregnancy include:

Practice Appropriate Breathing Patterns

Although it may seem to be a simple task, most people do not practice proper breathing patterns. 3D rib breathing helps limit stress and pressure on your abdomen daily –  as opposed to belly breathing. Diaphragm breathing is not the same as belly breathing.

Good Posture to Free Abs From Excess Tension

During and after your pregnancy, it can be difficult to practice correct posture. While pregnant, the added weight in your abdomen can make it difficult to stand up straight and allows for bad posture. When rising out of bed, try to avoid sitting straight up. This can cause your belly to bulge and add additional pressure to your abdomen.

Understand Core Strategy

There should never, ever be any compromises in your exercise routines or workouts. In both of Lauren’s programs One Strong Mama and in Restore Your Core the focus is on strengthening the body effectively and efficiently in order to approach exercise without any compensations. These both help relieve any symptoms you may be facing while also correcting and unhealthy patterns you may fall into.

Exercises to Help Prevent DR

Below is a list from Lauren’s article of exercises that help aid in diastasis recti prevention.

1. Candles / Core Engagement 

2. Seated Side Bend

3. Twist

4. Side Balance

5. Opposite Reach

To learn more about these exercises, follow the link here

The purpose of these exercises is not to promote a flat belly or toned abs program, but to help strengthen and build your core. It is important for you to find comfortable movements that prevent the core from bulging and to practice proper breathing techniques. The goal in the prevention and in healing is to build core mobility and proper engagement so that you can accomplish everything you love to do daily without sacrificing your body while doing so. 

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