Restore Your Core Answers – Is Pelvic Floor Repair Major Surgery?

According to Restore Your Core and Lauren Ohayon, RYC’s founder and head movement specialist, pelvic floor repair surgery is a common surgery performed to help women struggling with pelvic floor disorder find healing from unresolved issues at the completion of movement therapy. RYC themselves do not offer surgical treatment for pelvic floor issues, yet, they hope to help shed light on the procedure and answer any questions potential clients may have when considering treatment.

According to the source, the need for pelvic floor surgery is only a requirement if pelvic region issues continue post holistic treatment. Symptoms can be debilitating and extremely painful. Many women may suffer from excessive lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, discomfort during physical intimacy, and urinary incontinence or constipation. In some cases, these symptoms can increase and become more severe as a result of vaginal prolapse.

RYC seeks to help educate women on how to properly care for their core and pelvic floor. In order to accomplish this, they offer educational videos, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and more in order to help women learn more about their bodies and how to move properly in their daily motion in order to avoid painful complications in the future. However, the specialists at RYC also understand that at times education and exercise alone cannot completely prevent the need for surgical procedures.

According to sources, surgery can be an option for repairing pelvic floor prolapse. The surgery is an invasive procedure and can keep you out of commission for several months. However, there is a high success rate for women who undergo the surgery to experience a reduction or an elimination of all painful symptoms.

Restore Your Core seeks to help prevent the need of surgery for all core or pelvic floor related issues. According to the source, they help educate women on how to properly treat POP and pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) through core strengthening exercises and physical therapy. Their services include helpful tips and tricks for you to employ tactics and exercises in your daily activities as well as a paid program to help get you back on your feet and resolve the symptoms you may be facing.

RYC also offers a great deal of post-op care and treatment offerings. Regardless of whether or not you end up pursuing surgery, Restore Your Core can help you regain strength and full function of both your core and your pelvic floor. 

To contact a specialist or to learn more, additional information can be found at Restore Your Core.

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