Rehab Center Helps People Choose the Right Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

Transformations Treatment Center near Hallandale, Florida announces the creation of a video and podcast to guide people in choosing the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

The first step in any drug or alcohol abuse treatment is knowing that there is a problem that cannot be solved alone. Drug addiction centers can help free people caught in the grip of drug addiction. Denial, shame, and fear keep people from beginning the recovery journey that will reshape relationships, rebuild their world, and change the future, bringing hope in place of darkness and despair.

People living in Hallandale, Florida who have realized that drug addiction treatment is needed may feel overwhelmed by the task of determining the best way to wade through all the information from the many treatment centers in the area. The increase in the opioid crisis has led to many new treatment facilities.

Substance abuse treatment at an accredited center can be expensive, which may be discouraging to persons needing treatment the most. Many rehab centers around Hallandale Beach, FL and elsewhere provide payment plans and often work with the insurance provider. A quality recovery center offers long term, daily support for those afflicted with addiction issues or mental illness by encouraging and motivating the client to stay in treatment. Addiction and behavioral health treatment offer a comfortable space and individualized programs that gradually work on addiction or mental health, allowing patients to transition to a long-term outpatient or 12 step program. It is essential to carefully consider the facility, its amenities, programs, and qualifications.

Transformations Treatment Center has created a video and podcast to help people needing drug rehab near Hallandale identify and choose the right addiction treatment center.

  1. Is the facility nearby and accessible to family and loved ones who come to visit?
  2. Is the facility accredited and fully staffed with licensed professionals?
  3. Is the facility in the insurance network, and if not, is financial help available?
  4. Are mental health programs available along with aftercare support?
  5. What are the success rates of the facility?

These questions and many more are a part of the guide to choosing the right addiction treatment facility.

Substance Abuse Treatment Hallandale, FL

The Right Choice: Transformations Treatment Center

Choosing the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is challenging. Transformations Treatment Center is a right choice to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.


As a nationally recognized substance abuse and mental health treatment center, Transformations Treatment Center integrates natural and holistic protocols along with traditional medications and personalized care. At Transformations, they help people live the life they deserve.

Accreditation and Licensing

Transformations is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Transformations is accredited by The Joint Commission (JCOHA) and the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The center is also certified through the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FAAR) and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).


The staff includes licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals, and masters-level therapists. They, along with the other nurturing staff, care deeply about the success of the clients in treatment. Medical doctors, psychiatrists, medical support staff, spiritual advisors, nutritionists, and wellness specialists are available as needed.

Evidenced-Based Programs

The evidence-based treatment plans are scientifically grounded. These programs include Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), multi-dimensional family therapy, emotional regulation and mindfulness, and medication-assisted therapy (MAT) for detoxification at Summit Detox.

Professional Licensing

All staff directly involved in the counseling process have professional licenses, including:

  • Licensed drug and alcohol counselor
  • Licensed professional counselor
  • Certified addiction counselor
  • Certified co-occurring disorders counselor

These credentials ensure that the team has the experience and expertise to manage addiction and alcohol recovery.

Success Rates

Success rates at Transformations are validated by scientifically based studies that evaluate the performance, quality, and service provided at the center.

Residential Life

Living options at Transformations include two-bedroom condominiums that feature private bed and bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, as well as a washer and dryer. A family-style villa where bedrooms are shared is available. The residences are located close to beaches and shopping, and transportation to treatment at the clinical center is provided.

Post Treatment Programs: After Care and Alumni Programs

Maintaining a relationship with alumni can help reduce the occurrence and severity of relapse and remind people that they can have a fun and fulfilling life in recovery. The dedicated Transformations Alumni Services team makes phone calls to every alumni member indefinitely. When speaking with former clients, alumni coordinators work to ensure open lines of communication to determine if clients are maintaining a healthy, sober lifestyle. In many cases, these touchpoints prove instrumental in helping people stay sober or return to treatment rather than relapsing.

Family Support and Education Program

Robust family-support and education is an emphasis at Transformations Treatment Center. SAMHSA promotes four dimensions as crucial to the recovery process: health, home, community, and purpose. Addiction involves the entire family; therefore, Transformations strives to embrace all family members affected by the client’s addiction.


Transformations Treatment Center is in-network for many health care providers. In cases where Transformations is out of network, the dedicated financial team strives to make a way for the client to receive the necessary treatment to begin the road to recovery.

The Transformations Treatment Center difference includes not only treating physical dependence but also the mental or emotional aspects of addiction. The licensed and experienced staff considers lifestyle, environment, and any co-occurring (dual diagnosis) health disorders that may factor into the dependence upon drugs or alcohol. The aim is to prepare clients for a lasting road to recovery.


To find out more about choosing the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment center near Hallandale, Florida, visit the Transformations Treatment Center website at To speak with a staff member, call (800) 270-4315.

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