Radon1 Highlights Potential Health Risks of Radon And Benefits Of Testing

An easily detectable gas may not cause a lot of damage before it’s fished out but with radon, a colourless, odourless and naturally occurring radioactive gas, the risks are higher. Radon can only be detected by expert testing making it a highly dangerous gas if testing and subsequent mitigation efforts are neglected. Being the second leading cause of lung cancer including lung cancer deaths in the US, it is a course for concern and should be taken very seriously.

Tennessee residents are at higher risk of radon damage due to the high levels found there, especially around the Nashville, Williamson County, Knoxville, and Chattanooga areas of Tennessee.

Proper routine radon testing and mitigation should be left to experts like Radon 1, the leading Radon Testing and Mitigation experts in Tennessee. They have the required expertise to protect your homes by testing and installing radon mitigation sets that keep you healthy and avert the health risks.

Radon And The Health Implications 

Radon easily seeps in the walls, floors, nooks and crannies of any building in the area including commercial and residential property. Because it is undetectable to untrained personnel without any testing equipment, most owners are ignorant of the radon levels in their property.

Constant exposure to high levels of Radon and breathing in predisposes both smokers and non-smokers to lung cancer, the major health effect of its exposure. No routine tests can diagnose prior exposure to radon and so, it progresses until the late stage without indications.

Radon gas is also able to stick to skin layers by electrostatic attraction and exposure to high levels enable it to penetrate deeper layers and affect sensitive cells there. This predisposes to melanoma skin cancer as in-depth studies have established.

Radon also gets into drinking water the way it penetrates buildings and constant intake from those water sources damages the stomach lining and gets absorbed, increasing the risks of gastric cancer.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Radon Testing and Mitigation?

Radon Testing and Mitigation is essential to be able to monitor the radon levels on your property and accordingly set up mitigation to reduce it and prevent health risks.

This is an important task that should be left to professionals who actually know what they’re doing and not rely on home testing kits with limited capacity and efficacy.

Radon 1 is a leading Radon Testing and Mitigation Company in Tennessee that provides excellent radon-related services and utilize the best, top-range equipment you can be sure of. 

With expertly trained, AARST certified team members with over 20 years of experience, your home is in the safest hands.

They offer next day services and a 48-hour results guarantee alongside FREE estimates of their affordable pricing.

To make more enquiries or speak with a Radon Testing and Mitigation expert at Radon 1, visit their website or call 6159881515.

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