Radon Testing & Mitigation Experts Available in Tennessee

Radon in the home or workspace is a highly dangerous radioactive gas that residents of Tennessee should be concerned about. This gas finds its way into your home through the soil in your foundation, exposing you and your family to a major health risk. 

Without the assistance of an expert, radon cannot be detected. It is invisible, tasteless and odorless and therefore needs a testing device to be discovered. 

Thankfully, no one better understands the terrible impact of radon and how to remove it like Radon 1.

What are the Health Risks of Radon? 

Outside the home, radon is harmless just like any other radioactive gas. However, when it is trapped in an enclosed place like your home or office, it becomes a threat to your wellbeing. 

With continued exposure, radon attacks the cells in the body, altering the DNA and eventually causing lung cancer. Experts say it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. So, a smoker who is also exposed to radon is much more at risk of lung cancer compared to nonsmokers. 

Advantages of Testing for Radon

1. Health Benefits

Radon mitigation or removal keeps the air you breathe clean. This means that you no longer have to worry about breathing charged particles getting into your lungs and putting you at risk of lung cancer.  Simply put, you are safe. 

2. Helps you Know your Radon Status 

When you let a professional test your home for radon, you clear the doubts you have had about the presence or absence of radon in your home.

3. Mitigation and Removal 

Radon is quite common in Tennessee where about 31 counties are in ZONE 1. This means that the chances of your home having radon are high. 

Radon 1 would normally request that you cooperate with them by letting them set up their device to detect radon in your home. After monitoring the radon level and it goes beyond the W.H.O standard recommended 2.6 pCi/L, they install a mitigation system.  

Work with the Best Radon Testing & Mitigation Company in Tennessee

Radon 1 is a leading radon testing and mitigation company helping homeowners and businesses in Tennessee stay healthy. 

Keep your home and business safe from the danger of radon. Contact Radon 1 at (615) 988-1515 or visit their website

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