Radon Experts Offer Radon Testing and Mitigation Service in Tennessee

Radon is perhaps the only commonly known harmful radioactive gas among scientists. This colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas –like all other radioactive gas– is harmless when exposed to the air until it is trapped in an enclosed place. 

The enclosed place could be your home or office. When you continuously breathe in Radon, you are at risk of developing lung cancer. 

With Tennessee being a high-risk Radon area, chances are you are exposed to a significant amount of Radon in your home or office.  

Radon Testing & Mitigation in Tennessee 

Radon is formed from a breakdown of Radium which is also formed when Uranium breaks down. It is mostly found in soil, water, or construction material. 

And because it doesn’t have a color, taste, or color, it may be difficult for you to detect without the help of Radon Experts. 

Much worrisome is the fact that the health problem caused by exposure to Radon is not immediately detected until after a long period when lung cancer symptoms are present. Statistics show that Radon is responsible for about 14% of lung cancer, placing it at number two after smoking. 

This is exactly why Radon 1 is taking proactive measures to help homeowners and businesses in TN. 

Radon 1 is a leading radon mitigation company in TN that prevents Radon from entering your home through various measures depending on your foundation. Whatever your foundation type, Radon 1 will test the amount of Radon in your home or office, install a fan and pipes underneath your home to collect the Radon and diffuse it into the air outside where it becomes harmless.

To remove radon from your property, call Radon 1 today at (615) 988-1515.

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