Radon 1 Shares Importance Of Checking For Radon In Tennessee Homes and Offices 

Taking great care of one’s environment is one of the best ways to ensure optimal health and prevent any diseases or illnesses. With radon gas impacting health in so many ways including cancerous effects on the lungs from breathing it in, stomach from drinking water contaminated with high levels of radon and even the skin from absorbing it, being mindful of the air being breathed in residential and commercial spaces is quite important. 

Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring, dangerous radioactive gas that is released into the atmosphere from uranium into soil, rock, water, or air, and rises to dangerous levels in homes if precautions aren’t taken. 

The invisibility makes it much more dangerous, so without adequate testing by radon mitigation experts like Radon 1 who employ highly sensitive and sophisticated systems to test for radon problems in homes, offices, and other commercial spaces, a toxic build-up of radon gas may occur and lead to health problems for residents. 

For those living in Tennessee, especially in areas like Nashville, Knoxville, and the Chattanooga area, there’s even a higher cause to worry. Tennessee has higher radon rates than most other places, with 31 counties being classified as Zone 1 and homes having radon levels as much as getting 200 X-rays. 

Why You Need Professionals Like Radon 1 For Radon Testing and Mitigation 

Expert Radon Testing by professionals like Radon 1 helps property owners accurately measure Radon levels on their property, prompting them to put measures in place to prevent a build-up of toxic levels. While radon home testing kits are available for people to buy, many of them are inefficient and may give wrong values, further exposing them to danger. 

Radon Mitigation Systems are the best solution to beating the radon problem and are designed to prevent radon buildups by preventing the gas from entering the buildings and removing the quantity inside. They come in different types that experts like Radon 1 can install after assessing and picking the best to match the building style, size, and type of foundation. 

Experts like Radon 1 are trained and certified in Radon Testing and Mitigation techniques, as well as the best of the best equipment that aids accurate testing and protects your home from harmful radon levels. 

About Radon 1

They are a Radon Testing and Mitigation company based in Tennessee, with over 20 years of experience in making homes and offices into safe spaces for property owners. 

They have a team of AARST certified experts with a passion for ensuring healthy and breathable air for all their clients, using their top-line testing equipment and mitigation systems per NRPP standards to bring radon levels down below the WHO recommended values. 

You also get a FREE estimate, next-day testing services, and a 48-hour guarantee for comprehensive testing results. 

To speak to someone at Radon 1, call them at 6159881515 or visit their website for more information. 

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