Radon 1 Offers Radon Testing Services in Tennessee

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is usually found in high concentrations indoors (homes or offices). The gas is colorless, has no smell, and is also tasteless, and as such is hard to detect with the 5 senses.

As innocuous as this gas sounds, it is a very dangerous gas and has been known to cause lung cancers. In actual fact, it causes about 3-14% of all lung cancers in the country. This is why it is a good idea to have a radon testing and mitigation company on hand to help protect from the effects of this dangerous gas. 

How Does Radon Get Inside Houses?

Radon gas is produced from the natural radioactive decay of Uranium, which naturally occurs in rocks and soils. The liberated gas escapes into the atmosphere, decaying further to produce radioactive particles. These particles are then deposited in the lining of the lungs when breathed in where they can potentially cause cancer.

Outdoor, radon gas is generally not a problem because it dilutes to very low and safe concentrations. The gas tends to be higher in concentration in confined spaces with little or no ventilation.

Health Hazards Of Radon

Radon gas is a major cause of lung cancer in the United States, and this applies to both smokers and non-smokers. It does increase the risk of causing lung cancer in smokers than non-smokers. Generally, it is estimated that smokers are about 25 times more at risk of radon’s adverse health effects than non-smokers.

No other health risk has been associated with exposure to radon until date. It is possible, though, that the gas can also deliver harmful radiation to other organs of the body, but at a much lesser rate than to the lungs. All these point to why it is important to constantly check for radon especially since Tennessee is a radon hot bed.

How To Get The Best Radon Testing and Mitigation Company In Tennessee

Radon testing is necessary when the concentration of the gas indoors is greater than 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per litre). This level is dangerous, and living in a house with this high concentration of radon for a whole year is like the equivalent to getting 200 x-rays.

There is a company that has a lot of experience in radon gas testing and mitigation that you can get in touch with. Radon 1 has over 20 years of experience handling radon cases in Tennessee and surrounding regions. They are certified in large building and school mitigation and provide a variety of radon and vapor intrusion services for existing structures and new construction. 

You can get in touch with them today to get tested, simply visit their official website.

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