Movement Specialists Restore Your Core Answer: “Is Diastasis Recti Preventable?”

According to Restore Your Core and Lauren Ohayon, answering the question “is diastasis recti preventable?” can be quite difficult. Diastasis recti is typically not a permanent condition and is often healed through core rehabilitation. However, RYC believes understanding the core’s function and how it may relate to injury is important for healthy activity and body movement.

According to sources, the prevention of diastasis recti is approached in a similar way to healing diastasis recti. However, Restore Your Core hopes to ensure that no one misunderstands that statement: prevention is possible but is never guaranteed. They mention that the most common causes for a diastasis recti to occur outside of pregnancy related issues are improper breathing mechanics and core workout cheats or compromises. 

In order to understand more on how you can prevent a diastasis recti from occurring, RYC believes it is important to understand how a DR may develop. Although there is no one set thing to determine how a diastasis recti develops, there are several common factors: multiple pregnancies, rapid changes in weight, improper weight lifting techniques, and certain core exercises. Regardless how the diastasis recti occurs, the injury is caused by the weakening and stretching of the linea alba (connective tissue in the midline of the core) and the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles (6-pack).

According to sources, consistent and proper exercise routines which employ proper breathing mechanics and posture and avoid excess tension in the belly are great ways to help prevent a diastasis recti or any other intra-abdominal injury. According to RYC, strategic core exercise has greatly aided in, not only diastasis recti healing, but also in avoiding harmful core injuries such as diastasis recti. 

When asked about the way in which exercise should be pursued, Lauren Ohayon states: “The primary focus in healing a diastasis recti is helping prevent you from making common (but harmful) workout cheats and to correct problematic exercises that end up damaging your abdominals rather than promoting core function. The end result is a functional core through intelligent core rehab. Many methods of avoiding diastasis recti development involve postural awareness, corrective exercises, and a conscious prehab approach during pregnancy.”

To learn more about diastasis recti – what it is and how to prevent it – visit Restore Your Core’s website:

One of the primary goals of a program like Restore Your Core is to encourage mindfulness and understanding that it is possible to be active with a fully functional core without bringing harm to your body. Diastasis recti is definitely not an entirely avoidable issue – yet, the key to being active and avoiding a diastasis recti involves being aware of your body and its proper function while also ensuring that you are exercising correctly. Intelligent exercise and postural awareness can do more for your body than you may realize.

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