Mounted Case Company ROKFORM Reports an Increase in Popularity for Motorcycles

Whether you ride your motorcycle for work or for pleasure, you need your gear to keep up with your high-speed lifestyle. According to sources, Rokform has been doing just that.

Their line of well-crafted, aluminum phone mounts offer a durable, safe alternative for cell phone accessibility while on your motorcycle. Rokform’s motorcycle mounts have a patented dual retention locking mechanism and powerful magnets to ensure your phone stays in place. Each mount comes with a lanyard for extra protection and drop safety.

The three mounts Rokform offers on their website promise unparalleled adjustability and range of motion, giving you a perfect view of your screen no matter the shape or make of your bike. Each product is built to withstand even the most grueling of commutes, whether it be a trip downtown or a cross-country motorcycle ride.  

Their first mount,  the handlebar mount, is perfect for most motorcycles and offers a wide range of adjustable settings. It is best suited for Harley, Indian, or Metric Cruisers but adjusts to fit any handlebar between 7/8″ to 1-1/4″.

Their second product in the lineup is their Perch Mount. Offering two different sizes and types to fit your motorcycle (both standard and metric), you can be sure to find an appropriate fit for your bike. The perch mount offers a central base for your device to rest comfortably in a 1.65 to 1.45-inch (25mm to 50mm) bolt spacing.

The third product Rokform has on the market is their Ball Adapter Mount. This product works best if you have a pre-existing 1-inch’ RAM socket but adds a few features for additional support and durability. This mount allows for you to view your phone in both portrait and landscape mode.  

Their fourth and final Pro Series product is their most recent and highly reviewed Stem Mount. The stem mount offers a more versatile and secure mount for those who own a sports bike or bike with clip-on bars. Made to last and offer extended ease of use and range of motion, the stem mount may be the last motorcycle mount you’d ever need.

Each Rokform product offers its own accessibility and range-of-motion features. Each product is built to last so that your device is protected wherever you go. Read what they have to say about their product on their website:

Rokform motorcycle mounts are built to go beyond protection. They are made with the highest quality materials, including CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium, which is ultra light and extremely durable. The adjustability lets every rider find the perfect viewing angle. Rokform mounts feature a dual-retention locking system that uses magnetic technology and RokLock, Rokform’s signature 4-point twist and lock system, for the most secure hold on the market.

To learn more about Rokform and which motorcycle mount is right for you, visit their website here.

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